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Transformer Fidget Spinner

Transformer Fidget Spinner

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This unique fidget toy is great for anxiety, curbing bad habits, developing creativity & motor skills, and just having fun!

TRANSFORMER DESIGN - This spinning top toy can be changed into any robot shape you want!  

SMOOTH ROTATION - The high-speed bearing in the center ensures the smoothest & consistent rotation: it can spin for several minutes!

FUN SPINNING - Spin it in your hand or on any flat surface. With practice, it can be used with one finger only!

FUN FOR ALL AGES - Made from safe high-quality materials, this practical gift is suitable for children, students, adults, parents, and friends alike!

STRESS RELIEF - In times of stress or anxiety, spin the fidget toy and play with it to ease your mind. What's more, It can also help with focus problems.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT - Refine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, reaction skills, and logical thinking skills. It's a fun way to promote muscle & developmental growth.

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