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Swoop™ Retro Color Gaming Case

Swoop™ Retro Color Gaming Case

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Get That Retro Feel In The Palm of Your Hand!

✅ Doubles as a phone case & a gaming console
✅ Return to a nostalgic age of gaming
✅ Bring back the smiles & joys of the kid in you
✅ 36 retro games: You won't be missing any favs
✅ Memorable gift for yourself, friends & loved ones

Smiles & Protection Guaranteed!

A built-in speaker, a 12-hour-long battery, and a whole era packed in a smartphone case sound too good to be true. Especially at the price of an ordinary phone case.

But that's what the Retro Case is for, bringing you joy, happiness, and a cute surprise in the eyes of everyone who's gonna see it.

Retro Case comes 4 different colors, perfect to compliment your phone. Its extra tough materials will keep your phone protected from any fall or bump. You can charge it with a standard type-A USB cable for nonstop fun.

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